How to Apply

You've researched and familiarized yourself with teaching ESL in Taiwan and     would like to proceed?
You've checked to meet the qualifications?
You have a photo and resume online
Step 1 APPLY
E-mail us your documents, including:
  • Resume (CV) New Application or
  • A recent photo of yourself (can be casual, but must be clear)
  • Nationality (must be an English speaking country)
  • Date of birth
  • Expected arrival time (positions come and go quickly!!)
  • Copy of your diploma & certificates for checking (must be recognized by our government)
  • To find suited positions, you can also let us know any particular preferences such as salary, location, student age, benefits, etc.

You can either browse our positions available (check out Job Map), or give us your preferences for us to link with the positions.We will send your resume to the schools you are interested and see how they like you. If you and the school both find each other appealing, the school might do a telephone interview with you and show you the contract. Then you can fly to Taiwan if you are overseas.

Before you arrived in Taiwan and have accept an position, we (school) will not apply for your work permit. Alao all schools in Taiwan do not provide pre-paid airfare.

Step 4 VISA
This is the Best way to enter Taiwan -- Visitor Visa. Holding a visitor visa, you can just come and get the work permit, resident visa and ARC after getting a job in Taiwan. We suggest teachers to simply apply for a 60-day extensible visitor visa, because it needs 3 weeks to get a work permit and resident visa.

If you get a 30-day visitor visa, you'll have to rush. If your first visit exceeds the period given, you'll still have to fly out. So 60 days is recommended.

we DO NOT recommend other visas!

Landing Visa (Visa-Exempt Entry)
Obtained at the airport. Only good for 14 or 30 days (according to your nationality), and an extension will not be granted. If you come into Taiwan with a landing visa, you will need to fly out again and get the 60 days equip-work visit visa before your work permit can be processed. The visa application fee is different in each representative office. The time it takes to process a visa also differs. In some cases, an extra service charge may be paid and your visa will be processed within the day.

Working Holiday Visa
This visa only works for AU & NZ citizens. It only allows you to work part time. Also you can only work for 3 months for each job, then change. That's only good for you to experience Taiwan and travel. If you would like to really settle down, this is not an option.

Before flying, please revisit the "Checklist" and make sure you got everything.Upon arrival in Taiwan, although we do not provide airport pick-up, we will give you clear instructions traveling to your destination city.

A lot of highway shuttle buses can take you directly from T.T.Y.(Taiwan Toayuan) Airport to Taichung or other cities.Renting a hotel would cost you about 400-600NTD(13-19USD)/day. After you arrive in your destination city and check into the hotel, please contact us ASAP (04-2381 3698), and we will start arranging for interviews for you.

If you stay in Taichung, where we are based, we would love to meet you. Traveling to Taichung city is very easy and fast, about 2 hours, and most people here can speak basic English.

**If you are guaranteed with a job, then the interview or demo is NOT needed.

We will help you arrive the school and do face-to-face interviews with them. Also you'll have to prepare for some demonstration, to show the school your appealing teaching skills.

Basically, all the schools in Taiwan prefer teachers who are friendly, smiling, honest, and responsible.

Before we guide you to the school for the interview and demonstration, we will give you tips about what to be expected by the school. The school interview usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. You will met the director who will ask you many questions.

Please wear proper attire for the interview and demonstration. A smart and clean look is recommended. The people you will be talking to are not native-English speakers, so please speak clearly and slowly. they might not understand you if you talk too fast.

A demonstration will cost about 20 to 30 minutes. Before you start the demonstration, you can feel free to ask them if they can provide any materials or any help, and spend five minutes to prepare for a demonstration is recommended.

Remember that you are there to teach them English, so it is important that they can understand what you say.

Congratulations!! Now you and the school both like each other and have made the final decision. We or the school will settle you down in suitable accommodation.

Now you can develop your teaching career here!! You will start teaching after the school has gotten your work permit applying done. The school can apply for your work permit, ARC, and health insurance, also your visitor visa will be switched to resident visa.

Your family can also benefit from your resident visa. But original marriage certificate and birth certificate have the be authenticated by a local Taiwanese Representative Office.


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