Check List
Only a 60-90 days visitor visa can be converted into a work permit with the degree accredited in Taiwan while a 30 days landing visa can not.

Please tell the Taiwanese consulate you will holiday in Taiwan so the tourist visa can be issued. A round trip ticket may be needed for the tourist visa.

Every Taiwanese consulate has the right to issue the tourist visa or not to issue it.
If you are the certified teacher with a valid teacher’s license or major in education who can teach in a public school, we strongly suggest you get your degrees, teacher’s license notarized in the Taiwanese consulate so you will be sure you can get your work permit without a problem in Taiwan, especially those with a membership of South African Council for Educators.

Original:: preferable
Copy: acceptable - but sometimes schools don't accept.
Please prepare at least 12 ID type photos for your work permit applying in Taiwan.
Please prepare USD dollars and exchange them for New Taiwan dollars at the airport in Taiwan. Some foreign currency is not circulated in Taiwan.

One bed-room apartment usually costs you NTD5000-10000 a month.

Some landlords will require 2-month rent in advance as the deposit so you can move into the apartment.

Not every school offer free housing. Only few schools offer free housing.

It is better you have USD$1,000~2,000 or more at hand as arriving in Taiwan.
(E) TRANSCRIPT (optional)

You must have your copies of degrees, transcripts saved on a disk or on your laptop just in case you need them for your work permit. Having the original ones could even be better.

Inerview - Teaching jobs

Basically, all the schools in Taiwan prefer teachers who are friendly, smiling, honest, and responsible?

Before we guide you to the school for the interview and demonstration, we will give you tips about what to be expected by the school. The school interview usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. You will met the director who will ask you many questions.

Please wear proper attire for the interview and demonstration. A smart and clean look is recommended. The people you will be talking to are not native-English speakers, so please speak clearly and slowly. they might not understand you if you talk too fast.?

A demonstration will cost about 20 to 30 minutes. Before you start the demonstration, you can feel free to ask them if they can provide any materials or any help, and spend five minutes to prepare for a demonstration is recommended.?

Remember that you are there to teach them English, so it is important that they can understand what you say.

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